Justin Trudeau supported 2008 Liberal-NDP Coalition

October 15, 2019

Justin Trudeau signed letter endorsing a Liberal-NDP coalition in 2008, just months after first being elected as a Member of Parliament

Justin Trudeau will pay any price to hold onto power. He was willing to do it in 2008 and he is willing to do it now.

As a newly elected Member of Parliament in 2008, one of Justin Trudeau’s first orders of business was to sign a letter to the Governor General announcing his support and participation in a Liberal-Bloc-NDP coalition. https://cpcassets.conservative.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/15120538/0d1734dbea4f1b5.pdf

In fact, according to Brian Topp, one of the chief negotiators of the coalition was Trudeau’s most trusted advisor, Katie Telford.

The 2008 coalition, like the coalition Trudeau refuses to rule out with Jagmeet Singh, would have led to economic disaster in Canada with skyrocketing taxes and mass unemployment. 

Canadians cannot trust Justin Trudeau. If he won’t rule out a coalition with the NDP, it’s because he has a secret plan to do it when he is defeated. If Trudeau has no plan to join a coalition, why won’t he simply say it? 

Trudeau is already promising higher taxes and bigger deficits if he’s re-elected. Imagine how much more you will pay with Trudeau held hostage by the NDP.

The NDP’s price for propping up Trudeau will be even higher taxes, more reckless spending, fewer jobs, bigger deficits, and more debt.

The choice is clear. A Liberal-NDP coalition that will cost you thousands of dollars more, or a Conservative government that will live within its means and put more money in your pockets so you can get ahead.